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Meet Alexander

Hey there! I'm a Guide, Healer, Teacher, and Magus Hermeticus in the ancient Lineage of King Salomon with the Modern Mystery School, and have more than 12 years of extensive training in energy healing arts, metaphysics, meditation, and personal empowerment. I've trained around the world exclusively with the Modern Mystery School.

I believe that we all have the right to live a life of purpose, JOY and fulfillment; I work with clients to help them create just that. Mastery of the self, if you will. Truly, hopelessness has no place in our lives, as each and every one of us are meant for greatness. I will help guide you to find that inner light.

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Modern Mystery School

Radiant Self and Alexander are fully certified and affilited with the Modern Mystery School. The Modern Mystery School is dedicated to creating peace on earth. This can only happen when enough of us have created peace inside and are in alignment with our true calling – our JOY and our PURPOSE.

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Where do I begin?

One of the core offerings of the Modern Mystery School – and generally a best first recommendation – is something called the Life Activation. It is a private 1:1 session that ignites your passion, connects you to more joy, creativity, and helps you move past where you may be "stuck" in life.

Beyond that, there is a path of progression within the tradition laid out for success in life.

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