Astral Travel

Expand your consciousness beyond your body

Empower Thyself Initiation

teachings & tools to weave a pattern of success

Learn to safely astral travel

Astral traveling is the ancient art and science of expanding one's consciousness and traveling outside of the physical body.

In this 4 hour class, you will learn this exact, specific method and art-form, step-by-step.

We will cover:

  • Important metaphysical teachings and concepts that will act as the 'primer' for your experience
  • learn the rules of God, Nature, and the Universe while traveling
  • learn how to anchor protective energies for yourself prior to travel
  • learn exercises to enhance your spiritual growth and senses, and finally, we will then actually astral travel (!)

There are no pre-requisites for this class, but it is *highly* recommend you first receive a Life Activation, and take Sacred Geometry 1 to raise your vibration significantly before this training.

Investment: $150


Where do I begin?

One of the core offerings of the Modern Mystery School – and generally a best first recommendation – is something called the Life Activation. It is a private 1:1 session that ignites your passion, connects you to more joy, creativity, and helps you move past where you may be "stuck" in life.

Beyond that, there is a path of progression within the tradition laid out for success in life.

See the recommended steps