Empower Thyself Initiation


Teachings & tools to weave a pattern of success and fulfillment

This is a program for those who are ready to transform and take charge in their life. It's a gateway to a more magickal life, filled with joy and potential.

In this two day immersive course, you will learn deep, sacred Mystery School teachings and receive an ancient right of passaged called Initiation.

Initiation is one of the biggest keys to fulfilling your lifework and living your purpose. This is an energetic transfer that anchors the light into your being and expands your energy capacity ten-fold (10x). Every master to have walked the earth received physical initiation in the course of their life.

In an unbroken lineage, these teachings and tools of empowerment have been effectively used to transform lives for over 3500 years. There have been many impactful and prolific people in history who have received this exact initiation. This class will yield exceptional results in anyone's life.

Topics covered in the class

The Structure of the Universe and the powers of heaven, teachings on angels, elemental beings, and the masters of light.

Energy structure of humans - our aura, etheric body, soul body, spirit body, chakras, how they all fit together and their purpose, and how to strengthen and balance their energies.

Train and turn on your psychic senses - Exercises where you will be taught how to 'turn on' your psychic gifts, and learn to discern them.

Powers of the Universe - teachings focusing on the magnetic, etheric, auric energies, energy of the four elements, and 7 spiritual dimensions.

Rituals - also known as 'tools of power' handed down for your personal use - to enhance and protect your energy and anchor more light, protect your home and workspace, and to raise your vibration. This is where you will begin to actively work with energy – the powers of heaven and the universe – for your benefit.

Influence of the ego on your true self - learn from metaphysical perspective what the ego is, its function, and how it can support you or stop you from expressing your true self. And equally importantly, how to clean it up.

Cycle of Human Processes - how we utilize energy and our senses and how to begin removing the negative aspects of ourselves we are ready to let go of.

Chi, Ki, Prana - learn all about universal life force energy, how to build it, wield it, and use it to enhance your life.

Universal Kabbalah - learn all about this system and how it can be utilized in our lives to manifest our desires and transmute our shadows.

Meditation - Many types of meditation, the importance of them all, how to activate your pineal gland and meditate effectively every time. Learn a specific, powerful technique to introduce you to your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides.


June 15 – 16

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Where do I begin?

One of the core offerings of the Modern Mystery School – and generally a best first recommendation – is something called the Life Activation. It is a private 1:1 session that ignites your passion, connects you to more joy, creativity, and helps you move past where you may be "stuck" in life.

Beyond that, there is a path of progression within the tradition laid out for success in life.

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