Full Spirit Activation

more joy, light, and clarity of purpose

Flow more Spirit through you

While the Life Activation is raising your vibration, aligning you with your purpose, and heightening your connection to Spirit, the Full Spirit Activation is enhancing the amount of Spirit that flows through you. 

Specifically, it connects your limbic brain system to be directly energetically connected, or wired, to your Chakra system, allowing more of Spirit to flow into your direct experience of life. 

The structures of the limbic system are involved in motivation, emotion, learning, and memory and it operates by influencing the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system. By enhancing the flow of Spirit through these systems, all of our ‘feel good’ in our lives becomes enhanced. 

More clarity in your Life Purpose

It will help you gain more clarity to your Life Purpose and making choices from an empower placed in alignment with Spirit. 

Ultimately, it’s deepening your connection and channels to the energies of Spirit and allowing you have a more enriched experience in life as a Spiritual being having a physical experience. 

Even more joy and hope!

Further turn-on your spiritual gifts

Your spiritual or psychic senses are further enhanced and turned on as a result of this activatin.


What does the session look like?


The session all together takes about 60 minutes.

Total investment: $350

    It includes:
  • Energy body balancings:
    • Elemental Energies
    • Chakra system
    • Tree of Life energy system
  • The Full Spirit Activation itself
  • A vibrational elixir called ‘spageryics’ which supports you in integrating the tremendous amount of light you receive during the session.