The Life Activation

ignite your joy and break through your stopping points

Raise Your Vibration

Through this one session, your spiritual and physical DNA will be activated with an infusion of Light. In ancient times, this activation was reserved for leaders of society, and initiates in closed-door Mystery Schools — Kings, Queens, Shamans, Oracles, Sages, Magi.

In more recent times, it has been made available for anyone who feels ready for powerful transformation, and to have more joy, light, and connect with their purpose in life.

This is the almost always the first thing I recommend to anyone who is interested in a powerful healing experience and wants to make positive changes in their life.

Align with Purpose

The Life Activation will help align you with your Life Purpose — your higher calling. We all came here to do something very unique which no one else can do, and it’s up to us to hear the calling and fulfill this Life Purpose.

After receiving the activation, doors in your life that are in alignment with your purpose begin to open, and doors that are not in alignment with this begin to close.

It will open you up to new possibilities and opportunities in your life, like pathways revealed once hidden.

Get Unstuck

Where you may be ‘stuck’ in life, the Life Activation gives you the energy and the ability to break through your stopping points. It literally raises your energetic vibration so that you become ‘bigger’ than what is holding you back.

If you feel ready to make some changes in your life, the Life Activation will be a massive support and help you shift.

Clients often harness the activation to make a job transition, end an unhealthy relationship, break unhealthy patterns or addictions, gain clarity on their ‘next step’ in life, and more.

Huge Personal Growth

This session will support you in making huge personal growth in your life, on all fronts. Expect to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

More Joy, More Positivity, More Hope

Bring on the joy! Bring on the hope! One of the most immediate and impressionable results of the Life Activation is it will make you feel great and put you in a positive mood.

Less Stress, Less Anxiety

The result of the Life Activation allows you to relax on a deeper level, mentally, emotionally, physically, and releases stress and anxiety.

Overcome Negative Self-Talk

Negative self talk in the mind is a real problem. However, along with the ‘devil on your shoulder’ there is also an ‘angel’. The Life Activation will help quiet down negative mental chatter, and help you tune in to positive self talk from your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self. It will allow you to be more positive with yourself and life in general.

Connect with Your Higher Self

The Life Activation will open the channel to your Higher Self and enhance your connection to both your Soul and Spirit, allowing more Light and spiritual guidance.

Get Motivated

Many clients say that the days and weeks after, they are ‘on fire’ and have incredible motivation for life.

Turn On Your Spiritual Gifts

Your spiritual gifts, psychic abilities and intuition, all will start coming online greater after this session.

Boost Your Immune System

Your physical immune system will get a big boost from this infusion of light.


What does the session look like?

The session all together takes about 90 minutes.

Total investment: $350

    It includes:
  • A personal clearing
    • ‘Spell’ removal or negative intention clearing
    • Negative emotional cord cutting from past, unhealthy relationships
    • An aura purification
  • A full energy-body balancing, including your:
    • Central core
    • Elemental energies
    • Magnetic energy
    • Etheric energy
    • Chakras
  • The Life Activation itself
  • A vibrational elixir called ‘spageryics’ which supports you in integrating the tremendous amount of light you receive during the session.
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