The Life Activation

ignite your joy and break through your stopping points

Align with your purpose

The Life Activation is the first thing I recommend on your path of greatness because it is so incredibly potent and does some something very important.

It ignites your joy, hope, connects you to more passion and creativity, and heightens your connection to spirit. On a larger scale it aligns you with your Life Purpose – your higher calling. Doors in your life that are in alignment with this purpose begin to open, and doors that are not in alignment with this begin to close.

Where you may be ‘stuck’ in life, the Life Activation gives you the energy and the ability to break through your stopping points. It literally raises your energetic vibration so that you become ‘bigger’ than what is holding you back.

Tired of old patterns or habits you just can’t seem to break or shake? From your new vantage point you can easily see the pattern or habit and have the energy to make the choice to let it go.

Clients often harness the activation to quit drugs or alcohol, stop smoking cigarettes, end unhealthy relationships, and more.

Negative self talk in the mind is a real problem. However, along with the ‘devil on your shoulder’ there is also an ‘angel’. The Life Activation will help quiet the voice of this ‘devil’ and turn up the volume of the ‘angel’ and allow you to be more positive with yourself and life in general.

In ancient times, this activation was reserved for leaders of society – Kings, Queens, Shamans, Oracles, Sages, Magi – so that they had an elevated consciousness and greater connection to Spirit to lead the people with.

The Life Activation is also paired with a full energy balancing, and a negative emotional cord cutting. This will help cut away past negative energy you may be connected to from past unhealthy relationships, and re-balance your energetic framework to be able to receive the tremendous energy of the Activation itself.

Investment: $295

All together, the session takes ~90 minutes.