Sacred Geometry I


Create Sacred Space

In this 4 hour class, you will learn to raise the vibration of any space using sacred geometries, creating a sacred space of protection and amplified positive energy — like filtering out static. Part of this process we will be activating sacred geometries in your aura.

By activating these foundational geometries in your aura, you will gain the ability to manifest easier in your life!

You will be handed down ancient rituals to achieve this.

We will be exploring both scientific and metaphysical concepts of sacred geometry in our experience of reality, its importance, how to raise our awareness of these geometries, and how to interact with life from a new, heightened perspective.

Investment: $150


Where do I begin?

One of the core offerings of the Modern Mystery School – and generally a best first recommendation – is something called the Life Activation. It is a private 1:1 session that ignites your passion, connects you to more joy, creativity, and helps you move past where you may be "stuck" in life.

Beyond that, there is a path of progression within the tradition laid out for success in life.

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