Client Stories

I came to Alexander wanting to make changes to my health, spirituality and finances. I had been struggling with addictions, felt like I didn't have a clear path in life and felt exhausted all the time. After taking 3 weekend classes with Alexander and a few one-on-one healing sessions I have been able to give up my addictions, finances are improving, I have energy and clarity of mind and purpose. I highly recommend working with and learning from Alexander as it has been life-changing for me and my family. As a bonus, he is a really fun guy to hangout with.

Duffy James, entrepreneur

The depth and magnitude of changes that have occurred in my life since receiving the life activation are subtly overwhelming.  The blessings and joy that have followed have allowed me to be more present in my daily life, care on a deeper level for the world around me, and watch the increase of light and positive energy shift the attitudes of my family and people I interact with on a regular basis.

I am more relaxed and able to process the good and the bad situations in my daily life in a manner that doesn’t hold stress in my mind and body. The bad things don’t hold power over me and are processed and let go. The good are made into my being and create a more radiant energy that brightens the people around me. I have had people remark on this recently and am sure that it all started with the life activation. Yes, I’ve always been a pretty positive person, but now I radiate it outwards.

I feel a connection to the world around me that is intrinsically deeper than it was. The beauty and majesty of nature, the good that it is in the people around me, all of this is more readily noticeable and allowable in my self.

I have seen the people in my life that is close to, or related to, become brighter and more radiant people. Their eyes are happier and they are more open with their feelings.

I cannot imagine my life without this activation now. I do not think of what I have missed by not getting it earlier, only what beauty and amazement is ahead of me in my life. I must say a blessing to Alexander and the incredible work he does!

Trevor King, business owner, black belt

To say my experience with Alexander has been transformational would be an understatement. Today, the day after spending a weekend in his Empower Thyself workshop I am the happiest I have ever been.

I am grounded, self-assured, plugged into an infinite source of energy and I feel 10 times more alive than I have ever before.  My confidence, my direction in life and my life's path all are clear and propelling me forward towards more growth and success.  

I no longer feel tired, burdened or dragged down by my unfulfilled desires and wants in life. Bills, financial debt, shame and guilt that used to hang over my head like a guillotine have transmuted into uplifting goals that project me forward.

I have birthed a new place of balance within, this must be what inner peace feels like! Full of energy, movement, excitement and yet grounded and sure; and all from doing the work I have completed with Alexander. 

A few months ago I experienced a "Life Activation" with Alexander. It felt great. It was fun and it excited me for things to come. However, it cannot hold a candle to the transformation I am experiencing from the Empower Thyself workshop. I want everyone in my life to complete this training so they too can feel 10x happier, more alive and at peace!

Ashley James, entrepreneur

Where do I begin?

One of the core offerings of the Modern Mystery School – and generally a best first recommendation – is something called the Life Activation. It is a private 1:1 session that ignites your passion, connects you to more joy, creativity, and helps you move past where you may be "stuck" in life.

Beyond that, there is a path of progression within the tradition laid out for success in life.

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