Where do I begin?

a path of healing and self-mastery

1. Schedule a free consultation

Can anyone benefit and get results from the work I offer? Absolutely. Is what I offer the right fit for you? I would love to help you find out. This is why I offer free 60 minute consultations. A cup of tea in person is ideal, though over the phone is an option as well.

2. Life Activation part one

A Life Activation is the most powerful entry healing available on the planet today. It will significantly raise your vibration and infuse you with Light – aka positive energy, joy, fufillment – and align you with your Life Purpose. It promotes and supports significant positive change and growth in your life.

3. Life Activation part two

Also known as the Full Spirit Activation, part two of the Life Activation raises your vibration higher and connects your mind to Spirit, allowing Spirit to more fully flow through you and further align you with your purpose.

4. Empower Thyself Initiation

The Empower Thyself program is 2 full days of training filled with ancient, metaphysical teachings and tools. Learn how to build, balance, and protect your own energy field, command the forces of Heaven and the Universe for your benefit. Through initiation at the end of the training, you receive 10x the potential (positive energy/Light) you once had to fulfill your life work.